MAHAM Consulting

MAHAM Consulting specializes, among other things, in eBook design, creation and publishing for a wide variety of niches. We created hundreds of Learning Management Systems (LMS) eLearning course authoring from scratch, PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. Further, MAHAM is your one-stop-shop for creating courses, quizzes, role-plays, and their related video lessons. Your learners will have the ability to study through eBooks, SCORM or video lectures, watch-and-repeat tutorials and really engage well in your topics. This unique capability of offering visual content will motivate your learners to complete your courses with passion and success.

Besides creating eBooks for the Education sector, K-12 and Higher Education, we also cater for a whole host of designs to capture the attention of your audience and to portray an eye-catching image that your brand and eBook fully deserves.

MAHAM creative team will write your eBooks and turn your documents into eye catching final products appreciated by your team, students, customers and all. We can optionally secure your eBooks to restrict their reading and downloading. All our eBooks are designed to display perfectly on all mobile devices. Increase your options, signups and sales by portraying ultra professional designs and images.

We do the hard work for you so that you focus on your own important tasks. Our designs have featured on top selling products throughout the internet and have secured many customer awards and acclaims in the process for their quality, creativity and appeal.